3D Printing Services Help You Print Complex Materials Beyond ABS and PLA Thermoplastic

3d printing service
3D printing services make light of complex design
jobs and save you money

What do you do if you want to print with materials other than plastic with your home 3D printer?

Simple: Send your designs across to a 3D printing service.

The advantage of hiring a 3D printing service to print your digital software objects files are:

1. You can get your designs 3D printed in a variety of different colors, textures and materials (e.g; alumide, ceramic, wax and aluminum) without buying an industrial grade 3D printer for the same.

2. The turnaround time for such services -- i.e., to get your models printed and delivered to your doorstep -- range from 7 days to 15 days. Note that your design gets delivered digitally, over the internet, and you receive the finished product in a box.

Now, why would anyone want to explore other materials when plastic 3D printing is so cheap and easy on a home 3D printer?

Well, for starters, printing with diverse materials gets you more high quality results that won't be possible (or would be difficult to achieve) with a 3D printer that prints with only ABS/PLA thermoplastic filament.

For example:
1. Alumide gives your 3D product a metal-like look without the expense of metal 3D printing.

2. Sandstone 3D printing is great for multicolored, textured prints, specially sculptures and lifelike human objects.

3. Ceramic gives your 3D printed object a highly glazed, smooth, tough and shiny look. If you are printing storage containers for food then ceramic is one of the best materials for that purpose.

So, do you want to know more about the kinds of objects a 3D printing service can deliver? How it all works, and how quickly you can get started?